Thursday, May 21, 2009

WCG Weekend

This past weekend Samsung Experience hosted the WCG Ultimate Gamer Q & A and the WCG Invitational. I was there for all three day, minus the few hour I was in Rockerfeller Center for the Punch-Out launch which happened that Saturday.

Friday was the the Q & A for the final 6 (Chelsea, Amy, Swoozie, Jamal, Robert, and Mark) plus Geoff, who got an invite to play Starcraft that weekend. Ultimate Gamer Host Joel Gourdin moderated the session. We got some good insight on what happened during the making of the show. I even got a few production "secrets" from the session. I won't mention what so I don't spoil whatever goes on TV. Afterward I got to chill with the cast, played some video game, and took pictures.

On Saturday it was official WCG competition with Vitua Fighter 5, FIFA 09, CounterStrike, and Guitar Hero World Tour. Plus Robert/Prod1gy X was going for a Guinness World Record for Rock Band 2. I was walking screen by screen to check out all the action. I even took in a bit of side play of course. Not only did Rob get the record, another teammate of mine Denkai won the VF5 event. ( At the end of the day Mark was rewarded his $100,000 check for winning Ultimate Gamer and Robert got his plaque for setting his World Record.

On Sunday it was Gears of War 2, Starcraft and Warcraft III. And there was also one last guest who got to New York. Mrs Violence! (Played Gears with her a few times. Good player.) She came just in time to see her closest castmate Geoff win the Starcraft event.

WCG Invitational was a good event. Can't wait for when WCG does another event in New York.

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