Monday, January 26, 2009

Interesting Weekend

Crazy Weekend.

Friday I played Soul Calibur all night with some the game's NY community. To give the short version of it, we started at around 9:00ish, played until the sun was about to come up, slept until 1:00 P.M. a woke up to grab a bagel and went back to playing.

During my matches I continue to work on my Xianghua. I seem to do okay at the beginning but when it comes to clinching the win. I even find my self losing matches where I has slightly more health than my oppenent and all I had to do was run the clock. It's like I have some kind of mental block that almost no other player has. I wish I had some coach or something that can tell me what I have been doing wrong. I do get some advice and watch videos but I still blow matches.

I also some Hilde matches during the sessions and I can see why many people hate fighting her. She has inane combos and strong ringout game. It has got me thinking if I should switch my main character to Hilde. I like playing with Xianghua but her best moves can't really compare to what Hilde can do. This is gonna be a hard choice, my favorite or the favorite.

The C Gray Fox crew for the EMP projects visited the on Sunday. Todd Rogers also visited for the same reasons. I thought what the heck and stopped by to chill for a bit. It was ultra busy because of the film crew so I didn't really get much talk time with Triforce as usual but at least I get to chill with Todd during his short stay in NY.

Sanford and Prodigy were there. Sandford was still upset when he lost to a Hilde in the SC4 qualifiers last weekend. He's even gone as selecting her exclusively as his target in training mode. I played him in some SC4 matches. Like always I manage to struggle on reading Sanford's moves.

Prodigy has some strange stick button settings for SC. I could tell he was quite new. Most SC4 stick players use this setup:


Prodigy, however uses this setup.


Doesn't really matter, though. Still owned him free.

After We were done at the ARC we headed out for Barcade. I was honestly sleepy as sleepy by the time we went over there. I played the vintage game Lady Bug for the first time. When the film crew got the foottage we called it a day and headed for home.

Still haven't got the word whether Hori will replay my broken Fighting Stick. This is not good service.

I found out the my Guinness book was supposedly delivered Saturday but I had found no such thing. :(

Well I gonna have a few busy days but I some I wish to share happens I'll post it here.


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