Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a recap for the week

There is nothing much just a few updates and stuff.

This past weekend I was entered qualifier for the Soul Calibur IV nationals with Blood Red and Sanford. I didn't do well and I wasn't feeling so happy so I decided to go home early Red and Sanford stayed overnight. When I talked with Red back at the ARC later in the week he told me how much I missed. He and Sanford chilled with people from the SC communtiy and learned a bit more. I must not be bummed out about losing and learn from my defeats.

I'm am still trying the get the broken Hori Soul Cailibur Stick (Xbox 360) exchanged. They told me to take it to the store to get a new one. The problem is that the store I got it from have a strict return policy. Basically screwing me over. So have no choice but to save up for a suitable replacement. The Arcade-in-a-Box looks okay. The MadCatz Street Fighter Tournament Stick looks like but I dont feel like shelling out that kind of money. (It's $170 a stick and I'd have to get both the PS and Xbox version for the sake of competion.) I don't consider the Arcade-in-a-Box a money-saver, but getting a 2-in-one is more convinient and I'd save a hundred easy.

Amazon has some early copies of Guinness Gamer's Edition 2009. A few of the TG community have alread got their copy. I heard that some of my Metal Slug Anthology (Wii) scores are on there. I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I would rater my Wii Sports record in that book that Metal Slug. I originally went after them as inagural scores in effort to become a ref. When Scott Patterson and Will Willemstyn beat them I pushed to get them back. My ultimate goal is to set a record with a completed game on the Wii version and eventually moving on to the Arcade version of those games. Metal Slug goals aside, I am in a Guinness book and that's something I can brag to my realatives.

I have been reading about YouTube suspending game reviewers accounts at the request of a few video game publishers. I would understand if the user put a full movie or music album on their account. But mere reviews for a game, most of which don't last longer than 10 minutes? I feel any user can be allowed to at the very least MENTION the name of what they are reviewing with retributin, but that's just me.

I'm currently reading a book written by Bret Hart entitled "Hitman" Bret covers his whole pro wrestling career. It mentions stuff I did not think Bret would ever admit to. I won't spoil anything right now. I might review the book when I finish it.
That's it for this post. I got stuff to do. Really, I do.

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