Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Competitive Gaming takes the next step, Best Buy takes a step on GameStep, and I'm taking some baby step becuase I have to take it easy.

Have a few things I want to comment on today. Gonna make it quick(ish).

The Video Game Hall of Fame launch party happens this Tursday in Ottumwa. A lot of well known gamers will be there. Sucks that I can't make it but I'm still glad that Ottumwa is getting noticed for starting organized gaming. I hope to be a Hall of Fame inductee someday.

I read something about Best Buy offering their unused games for the price of GameSpot's unused games. It's not a big deal to me since I often see GameStop charge $60.00 for new game and $55.00 for a used copy of that same game. I know GameStop has its faults but wanting Best Buy to run over GameStop is like wanting Wal-Mart to run 7 Eleven out of business. Maybe it's just me, though, but I doubt it.

I mailed off my tape for Wii Sports Resort to Twin Galaxies. I have to admit that I was still learning the ins and outs of the title and I still have much room for improvement. I see games differently from the average person and sometimes I sacrifice early results but often harvests better crops later on. I may (or may not) be behind how but I'm sure to separate my degree of Wii skills from my competition.

I have been submitting all my scores to Twin Galaxies by videotape. I want to switch the DVD to help curb the cost of submitting. But I first have to buy the proper equipment (Computer, capture card, etc.). But my income is anything but disposable right now. The good news is that I the crappy economy has taught me to cut down the things I don't really need such as Blockbuster Online. Shoot, I might dust off my old Arctic Zone and start taking sandwiches to work again. Buy VHS tapes is WAY too much money when you compare it to the cost of DVD's.

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