Monday, September 28, 2009

For the kids (originally written on Feb of 2008)

Blogger's Note: This was originally a blog post I written February of 2009. But I (unwisely) scrapped the entire blog in order start fresh. I decided to add this post on after coming across my notes for it. Enjoy. - Lance

I was asked by Triforce to join in an EMP group visit to The Children's Hospital at Montefiore to spend some time with the kids for A Gamer's Valentine 3. It was an offer I could not refuse.

The day started with a meetup at Game Express. I made the journey to the Bronx the winter rain armed only with Wii-stuffed duffel bag and a malfunctioning umbrella. When I showed up I noticed that the New Smash Bros. was playing in the shop courtesy Justin's Japanese Wii. I also noticed that Ms. Nightmare was there as well. Haven't seen her in months. Legaia, David, and DA's Dire were also there for the trip. After last minute preps, we made our way to the hospital later to be joined Daisy and Comp.

When we reached the hospital the staff greeted us and gave us a quick rundown about the facility. Since there were two rec rooms we agreed on splitting up the groups. Justin, Legaia, David, and Comp made up the group that would present Brawl to one room while I partnered with Daisy, Nightmare, Dire and Triforce to entertain the second room with Mario/Sonic Olympic Games and Mario Party with a switch so both rooms would get a chance to play Smash Brawl.

When the kids saw the Wii in the room their eyes lit up with joy. They took turns on the Wii and DS games and the competition got a little fierce at times. Two kids competed in a Sonic/Shadow 100m dash!

With the day of fun nears to an end, Triforce, showman that he is, treated the young ones to a Star Fox run.

Well it was good day for me. I helped brightened the children's Valentine's Day. It feels good doin' good.

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