Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ryu Tutorial Vids

Several Months ago I saw a Ryu Tutorial posted by player Mickey D in SRK Forums. It was pretty much straightforward. He demonstrated Ryu's bread and butter combos and explained the Ryu mindset one must have compared to that of Ken or Akuma. Later on Mickey D would continue with more useful information for any aspiring Ryu.

Part 2 shows some more Ryu combos and verbally explains more of what one should be thinking as a Ryu player. It's pretty much an extension of part 1.

Part 3 dwells into Ryu's Focus Attack and why it is important implement in your gameplan in both defense and offense. Catching projectile, setting up your opponent for a combo, lots of stuff.

Part 4 is my most favorite part of Mickey D's tutorial, followed by part 3. You get to see what makes Ryu shine above most characters: his zoning strategy revolved around his Hadouken. He divides the stage into zones and tells us what attakcks work where and why. If you only watch one of the four videos please watch part 4.

If you like Mickey D's work on these video you can view his blog or PM him on SRK.

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