Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I was at the New York Anime Festival on Saturday in order to check out the WCG. I must admit that it was a last-moment decision so I didn't really get to take too much advantage of the event as I should have.

When I walked the first thing I noticed was the Sega booth. I played a demo of Beyonetta. It was a nice demo. I might buy it once it comes out.

I spent a good amount of time at the WCG booth checking out a match now and then. The WCG Ultimate Game cast members that were at the US Invitationals plus one more (Dante) showed were also there. I played some casual matches. The Street Fighter IV line was packed so I didn't get too many matches in. But I did get to play some Gears and Halo.

The was a lot of stuff at the con. DVD sellers, autograph booths, Artists selling their work and drawing on the premise. I saw an interesting DVD for $5.00 but didn't buy it. I later found out that they it sell for over $20.00. Just perfect. I also saw redesigned Wii Classic Controller. I know the sellers store so I kept that in mind. I learned a big lesson. If you go to a convention with intention of holding on to your money. You won't really enjoy it as much as you should.

The NYAF was okay but I felt I should have enjoyed it more. I learned a few thing about attending conventions though:
  • Never go to a convention broke. (Golden Rule)
  • Know all the events going on beforehand such as contests, tournaments, autograph signings, etc.
  • Try to attend all the days of the convention.
  • Bring a buddy with you.
  • Don't be shy to take pictures.

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