Monday, March 2, 2009

GameStop Tournament: Wolfen Gets Put Down

Saturday after last I qualified in a Street Fighter IV tournament at GameStop and was invited to go to Valley Stream for the next round.

I went there, only to play badly. Got eliminated early.

I must admit that I haven't been playing my best. I wasn't connecting my supers and Ultras like I was in the first round. And I was failed to block many attacks I should have blocked easliy. I must admit that although I have been playing Street Fighter all my life, I'm still green in competitive Street Fighter.

Now I'm officially done with the GameStop tournament, I can take care of some personal matters and shop for the proper arcade stick I need to compete. I may attend round 3 as a spectator but that's it.

I feel like I disappointed EMP in not qualifying for the third round. But I'm a quick learner and the Wolf will emerge from this only bettter.

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