Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WCG Ultimate Gamer: 7 Days Away!

In case anyone missed the memo. WCG Ultimate Gamer will premier one week from tonight. It's kinda a big deal considering this is the first reality game show to be based around video games.

In Ultimate Gamer, 12 contestants will all share one house and combat real-life challenges based on certain video games such as Rock Band, Halo 3, a other popular titles. And yes the actual games will be implemented into the competition. The winner of the show will get $100,000 and a Samsung prize package. He/she would also be the face of World Cyber Games.

The show is hosted by Hanah Simone and Joel Gourdin.

The show premiers next Tuesday, March 10 at 10:00 Eastern and 9:00 Central on SciFi, right after WWE Wrestling.

The find out more about WCG Ultimate Gamer got to www.wcgultimategamer.com and www.scifi.com

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