Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Since virtuall every store has been sold out of the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightSticks shortly after they all came out, I decided to give eBay a to see if I could find it there. You usuall find stuff the for close to the same price in retail. Sometimes even less than that!

But not this time.

When I searched for Mad Catz FightStick I couldn't find a single one that was even close to the retail price. One Tournament Edition FightStick is going for $380! And looking for as Standard FightStick is just as bad. Those are going as high as $130 plus! That almost as much as the suggested retail price for the Tournament Edition!

I know the economy is bad but nothing condones buying a product at retail price and selling it for more than double that what it's really worth. Let the people who actually want to use it buy the Joystick for the proper price. Let's not repeat the whole PlayStation 3 crap all over again.

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