Monday, March 16, 2009

WGC Ultimate Gamer Show & Forum

I know I'm a week late but it's been quite a week for me.

I watched WCG Ultimate Gamer. I must say that I haven't thought much about it when it was on TV but it grew on me thanks to the forums and the web exclusives. Seeing it again on YouTube helped me analyzed what happened on the first episode.

The the extras on for the show were entertaining to watch. I think the funniest was The Dante Hair System so far. Prod1gy's commentary for his elimination round with J.D. was good to listen to. I will be looking forward to the new stuff in later weeks.

The Ultimate Gamer forum is thriving well right now. Not only fans but some of the contestants are posting as well. Much of it was praise but there have been some bad talk among a few posters. Fortunately, cooler heads and higher class prevailed. I posted this one thread where I attempt to go into contestant Swoozie's mind on why he picked J.D. to go against Prod1gy in elimination. I think that's my best post yet.

A new episode is coming up tomorrow and I will most certainly not miss that.

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