Thursday, July 2, 2009

Been Busy

I know I have been lagging in the blog posts but that is not because of laziness. In fact I have been so busy an the next several week will pretty much be the same way.

First off I was at Wiimbledon last weekend and it was vicious. Consistent power serves and insane returns were the norm. Don't let the costumes fool you. The first place finisher wore a Cobra Kai uniform. I lasted three matches. The organized definitely needed a laptop with TIO because they don't know how to make a bracket.

Of course the Twin Galaxies takes quite a bit of my time. I get tape sent to me periodically. There is no a huge pile but I will knock them down before the bin gets huge.

I signed up for the Fight Night tournament at GameStop so all that is left is the training. I don't have anyone to play against in the Rockaway so I'm forced to practice online. The competion is rediculously soft. I have had LOTS of quick knockdowns win and LOTS of them disconnected when I was winning. The kinda can work against because you tend to slouch on you gameplay, something you can't afford to do when facing somebody good.

I finally finished my first draft of the article I plant to submit to 1-Up Zine. I plan to polish tomorrow. Hopefull it will be on issue 4.

That's pretty much it for this post. But before I sign off let me share a video I saw today. It's Michael Jackson tribute video made by MarzGurl with a song her mother wrote. Enjoy.

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