Friday, July 10, 2009

Fight Night Tournament Tomorrow!

I have been training hard for the last few months for this. Tomorrow is round 1. If I do well I will get to compete in round 2 and hopefully 3. If I win 3 I will get to go to Vegas to play for $5,000 plus a championship.

Since I can't can't compete with the actual people so I have to settle for online play. It has helped me improve but it's has come to the point where I the bulk of my fight are easy wins. I wish I had tougher opponents to train with. I just hope I don't come across the training first tomorrow afternoon.

... I wonder if anyone had practicing on the player 2 side. EA should have set it up where you can chose to play on that side online. I played on player 2 side against the CPU so I wouldn't get too thrown off if I'm forced to play P2.

If you guys want to play in the Fight Night tournament go and find the a hosting store that's close to you.

Wish me luck!

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