Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ready! Box!

Well I made survived round 1 of the GameStop Fight Night tournament. Only one the person showed up. And yes I did win. The person wanted to pick Manny Pacquiao, who is to light to fight a heavyweight in this game. I decided to pick Roy Jones, Jr. to avoid an agument. I was nervous big time. That its until my Light Heavyweight destroyed destroyed his Welterweight. I know you guys wanted to hear about me going through a crowd of 32 people or so but this was the hand I was dealt. I'm not sugar-coating it. Hopefully more people will show up in the furter round and I will get to really show my stuff. Got all week to prepare.

Speaking of which. I'm really seeing online play for what it is. Thing such as perfect blocking and coutnering and skillfull evading occasionally falls to aimless thumbstick flicking. This lag crap is making people think they good. One fight some guy was talking shit during the fight. Ironically, I knocked him out AND I was leading in the scorecards. Makes me yearn for real face to face comepetion.

Since we are on the topic of boxing, I was found out that Nintendo released an add-on to Punch-Out!! called Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! The downside? Only plaitinum Club Nintendo can get it. It lools like Doc wasn't kidding when he said to join. I'm gonna see if there is any other way Nintendo will offer this.

Okay. Gotta get back to practicing for the round 2 Saturday. Wish me luck!

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