Sunday, July 19, 2009

Didn't Win Fight Night

I didn't do well. In the district round for Fight Night yesterday. On my first match I play in in-your-face Ali against my Foreman. I was doing okay at the beginning. Well at least I thought was until I got KO's 1st round. 2nd Round I managed to win but third I got knocked down a second time. Third round I took another knockdown. Then forth round I took a finally got put down. I got outplayed. I have faded most poor passive Alis online and I simply didn't know how to play a more active Ali.

Well I''m officially done with the GameStop tournament. Gotta get back to doing Twin Galaxies stuff. I may apply to ProGamingTraining.Com as an "Elite" player, which mainly means non-pro. Hopefully there will be more Fight Night tournaments. The World Series of Video Games once hosted Round 3. Maybe a league will host Fight Night in future.

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